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Constance Patterson - "THE CLIMBING TREE"

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Artist: Constance Patterson
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 18"h x 24"w

"THE CLIMBING TREE" is a painting that features a landscape with trees and dramatic lighting. In the foreground, there is a single tree with golden foliage. The tree’s branches spread outward prominently against the sky. Shadows cast by the tree stretch across a softly undulating terrain. A row of darker trees lines a field edge, creating a visual border as they recede toward the painting's background. Their rounded canopies form a dense, dark mass, contrasting with the lighter sky. The sky itself is rendered with a mix of warm and cool tones, with clouds blending into the atmospheric background in shades of white, pink, and a soft yellow. The bottom portion of the painting shows a simple fence that parallels the line of trees, and the land is depicted in light, muted greens and browns, enhancing the serene pastoral vibe of the scene.