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Constance Patterson - "HOME FROM THE FARM"

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Artist: Constance Patterson
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 18"h x 24"w

"About once a month, as a child, I would go with the family to visit my father's parents for the day. They lived on a farm in what I like to call...Grant Wood Farm Territory. I would lie down in the backseat window, and watch the uniform hills and farms and lines of crops flash by, and try to count the telephone poles that created a regular pattern on my eyes. I only discovered Grant Wood as an adult, and immediately recognized his landscape as my own from childhood. This is nowhere that I ever lived, or ever saw or ever visited, and yet it is all of those amalgamated into the romantic memory of childhood." Constance Patterson

"HOME FROM THE FARM" is a painting that depicts a rural landscape dominated by rolling hills and a vast, cloud-filled sky. The foreground features a series of undulating hills that create a rhythmic pattern of shadows and highlights across the canvas. The hills are painted in warm tones of yellow and beige, with touches of green and reddish-brown. Above the hills, the sky occupies a significant portion of the painting, conveying an expansive atmosphere. The clouds are rendered in soft whites and grays. The horizon is lined with small indications of rural structures, which are mere specks against the vastness of the landscape. The brushwork is loose and expressive, giving the piece a sense of movement and vitality. The blending of colors creates a harmonious and peaceful rural scene that might evoke feelings of tranquility and the simplicity of countryside living.