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Constance Patterson - "DAWN X-ING"

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Artist: Constance Patterson
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 30"h x 40"w

"This is all about night and day, and where they cross over each other. Where they meet there are new images created every morning. The nighttime image is enveloped by a new kind of light that throws a different range of shadows. And yet nighttime lurks, still, in the corners. Not yet willing to concede defeat by the weak rays of an upcoming sun. The daylight, in this piece is actually painted over a nighttime image, complete with deep blue sky and moonlight casting shadows. The result is a very densely colored morning light that barely registers in some places.And so it goes every day. As the sun rises, there is a new competition. And for Mother Nature, a new makeover, complete with guarantees of looking 'Marvelous Darling'." Constance Patterson

"DAWN X-ING" is a painting featuring a pastoral landscape. The composition includes rolling hills in the foreground with subtle shades of green, ochre, and gray that show fields. Prominently positioned on a hill to the left is a house, characterized by a red, pitched roof and white walls. To the right, atop another hill, there is a small cluster of trees, their forms simplified and stylized, casting long shadows that stretch across the hillside. These main elements are against a backdrop of a softly colored sky with hues of pale blue, yellow, and touches of pink, capturing the essence of either dawn. The painting exhibits a serene, almost dreamlike quality with smooth blending of colors and a gentle, calming atmosphere.