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Constance Patterson - "COTSWOLD MOON"

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Artist: Constance Patterson
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 18"h x 24"w

"I was fortunate enough to study in England, and while living there, spent a long weekend in the Cotswolds with my landlady at her brother’s home. It felt as if the land embraced you and infused you with comfort. I have been back, many times and stayed at inns and explored and loved the area. But at no other time was I so removed from the main stage of the Cotswolds. It was as if centuries fell away, and you were left with a sense of place like no other. The house was a renovated piggery, of all things. There were no other buildings in sight, and the property was used as a pheasant farm. The only request was not to disturb the birds! At night the dark was profound, and the quiet a living breathing presence. This cottage is nothing like the structure that once served as an outbuilding on a grand estate, but it is how it felt, now that I remember it. Like others in this series, the motifs that I use are arranged to give on a sense of the scale and space that the memory inhabits. I also like this piece because of the strong colors and the use of vermilion in the shadows." Constance Patterson

"COTSWOLD MOON" is a painting featuring a nocturnal scene of a rural landscape under the glow of a full moon. The composition includes a white house with a red roof situated on a hill. Golden fields envelop the house. A group of trees with a robust, rounded canopy stands to the right, partially illuminated by the moon's light, casting a shadow. The background is a rich, dark blue night sky that transitions to black. The moon is depicted as a large, luminous sphere on the right, casting a soft, radiant light on the landscape and invoking a serene, dreamlike atmosphere.