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Constance Patterson - "A Visit From Matisse"

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Artist: Constance Patterson
Title: A Visit From Matisse
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 24"h x 18"w

"He was so adept at painting table tops with the light from an open window overlooking the french countryside. He drops in on me every once in a while to keep me honest about what I am really seeing. The context of the table and the legs and the colors interlocking with the light. Not as he saw it...after all he was living in a southern clime... but how he saw it. One can learn a lot from letting the brush take control." Constance Patterson

"A Visit From Matisse" is a painting that features a brightly colored interior scene. A large window with panes dominates the background. The window is partially draped with rich, red-orange curtains that frame the view on either side. In the foreground, there's a round table with a reflective surface, capturing the hues from the surroundings. On this table sits a white vase adorned with blue decorative elements. The vase holds a bouquet of flowers, with petals of various shades, including reds and whites, which add a lively touch to the composition. There is a sense of vibrant energy and warmth throughout the painting, emphasized by the bold use of colors and expressive brushstrokes that create a dynamic atmosphere within the depicted space.