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Chas Martin - "Embrace"

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Artist: Chas Martin
Title: Embrace
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: 16"h x 12"w

"Embrace" is an award winning three-dimensional sculpture that features two elongated, intertwined figures that rise vertically from a rough, marble base. The figures are slender and abstract. Their heads, simplified into geometric planes, are attached to long, neck structures, which then flow into the torso. The arms of the figures create large, elliptical loops that encompass the figures, intersecting their bodies and adding a dynamic, orbital quality to the piece. The surface of the sculpture is textured and painted in vibrant, variegated colors, with blues, yellows, and oranges blending into each other, infusing the piece with life and energy. These colors emphasize the figures' form and impart a sense of vibrancy and movement. The choice of colors and textural details enhances the ethereal and otherworldly essence of the sculpture.