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Chas Martin

Unleashing Imagination: The Captivating World of Chas Martin

Step into the extraordinary realm of Chas Martin, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity flows like a mighty river. This artistic virtuoso's relentless curiosity about the world around him serves as the driving force behind his unique creations, setting him apart in the realm of fine art.

After honing his craft in Visual Communication at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York City, Martin's journey took him to the bustling landscapes of Boston and San Francisco, where he flourished as an art director and creative director in ad agencies. It was during this time that he uncovered his method of inquiry, forever changing the way he approached his art. "What if? What else? Why not?" became the three guiding questions that propelled his artistic journey, elevating each of his sculptures beyond mere physical forms.

With a keen desire to push boundaries, Martin passionately strives to make each piece vastly different from its predecessor. He lives by a mantra that resonates particularly well with the world of sculpture: "If you're not creating problems to solve, you're not being very creative." This unique approach blends playfulness with seriousness, resulting in breathtaking works of art that leave viewers awe-inspired.

In 1981, the artist made a life-altering move to the captivating landscapes of Oregon, fully embracing the world of fine art. Effortlessly switching between two- and three-dimensional media, Martin found inspiration in his travels and study of diverse cultures. One fateful day near Sedona, Arizona in 2015, he experienced what can only be described as a vortex encounter, a turning point that set him on his current sculptural path.

Infused with the subtle gestures of petroglyphs and the timeless allure of myths, Martin's sculpting prowess transformed into a medium for expressing archetypal metaphors. His dynamic figures tell captivating narratives that challenge viewers with unanswered questions, enticing them to delve deeper into the enigmatic beauty of his work.

Beyond the world of art, Chas Martin is a man of diverse interests and passions. An avid reader, wilderness hiker, and self-proclaimed foodie, he immerses himself in life's wonders to fuel his boundless imagination. As a testament to his humility, he nurtures bonsai, a constant reminder of the harmony found in nature's delicate balance.

Having shared his knowledge and skills as an instructor at esteemed institutions like the Boston Art Institute, San Francisco Academy of Art University, and Pacific Northwest College of Art, Martin's influence extends far beyond the boundaries of his Portland, Oregon home. His imagination knows no geographical limitations; it roams freely, exploring the vast realms of the human experience.

Today, Chas Martin's masterpieces grace collections not only throughout the United States but also in Canada, Portugal, Denmark, and Zimbabwe, a testament to the global impact of his artistry. As he continues to challenge convention and traverse uncharted artistic territories, we can only anticipate the wonders he will unveil next. Let yourself be captivated by the extraordinary world of Chas Martin, where imagination truly knows no limits.

Materials The exact combination of materials for each sculpture is determined by the piece itself. Generally Martin uses steel wire for the armatures. Over that are many layers of polymer infused fibers (paper, fabric, etc.), which forms the rigid substrate. The next layers are a polymer and thickener mixture that is either thin enough to brush on or as thick as clay. Somewhere during this process, the sculpture is mounted onto its final base (often carved marble). The final phase is painting. Martin usually applies combinations of polymer and/or acrylic medium with acrylic pigments - both translucent and opaque. Chas Martin is still a painter at heart. Painting on a three dimensional surface is a challenge, but the principles of value, color temperature, complimentary color and contrasting color all apply.