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Anne Stuer - "Cyan Garden #15039"

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Artist: Anne Stuer
Title: Cyan Garden #15039
Medium: Encaustic/mixed media
Dimensions: 12"h x 9"w

"Cyan Garden #15039" shows a cyanotype featuring a variety of plant silhouettes against a rich blue background. There is a prominent fern leaf on the left, with its intricate structure detailed in white. Slightly above the center is a stem with bleeding heart flowers dangling from it. To the right of the bleeding heart is a single leaf with deep lobes, creating a striking contrast with the delicate flowers. At the bottom right of the composition, numerous small flower heads are clustered together, each silhouette capturing the essence of the plant's form. The overall effect is ethereal and delicate, with the white outlines of the plants providing a stark and beautiful contrast to the dark blue background.