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Anne Stuer

Anne Stuer: Exploring the Harmonious Intersection of Art and Nature

Step into the captivating world of Anne Stuer, an artist whose creativity knows no bounds. With a lifelong passion for the visual arts, Anne fearlessly explores various mediums, constantly evolving her artistic voice.

Inspired by the landscapes of Maine, Anne skillfully blends art and botanical exploration, creating captivating works that embody aesthetic beauty and a deeper understanding of the natural world.

One of her remarkable techniques is cyanotype alternative photography. Dating back to 1842, this process produces striking "blueprint" images with a permanent white design on a deep blue background. Without the need for a camera, Anne paints a light-sensitive solution onto paper, placing objects on it. After exposure to a UV light source, the print is rinsed and dried.

For her finishing touch, Anne sometimes adds delicate tints using watercolor or diluted ink. The print is then carefully glued to a wood panel and coated with layers of enchanting encaustic wax medium.

Discover the mesmerizing artistry of Anne Stuer and immerse yourself in a world where imagination and nature intertwine, inviting you to explore your own narratives within her captivating creations.