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Michael Swearngin - "Wrangler - 1651"

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Artist: Michael Swearngin
Title: Wrangler - 1651
Medium: Acrylic /Mixed Media
Dimensions: 24"h x24"w

"Wrangler - 1651" is a stylized portrait framed within a tan border. Inside this border, the image features a profile of a cowboy wearing a hat against a colorful background. The man's face and hat are rendered with gestural lines, predominantly in a monochromatic gray scale. The background is composed of bold color blocks, with a deep red above and a warm yellow below. On the red upper half, a small crescent moon adds a touch of detail that contrasts the simplicity of the background. The use of color blocking and the inclusion of the crescent moon give the piece an abstract and minimalist feel, while the portrait itself has an expressive quality due to the visible line strokes and shading that define the man's facial features and attire. The contrast between the detailed line work of the portrait and the simplistic background generates visual interest and directs attention to the figure.