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Charlie Barr - "Women in the Market"

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Artist: Charlie Barr
Title: Women in the Market
Medium: Acrylic on cement
Dimensions: 36"h x 36"w


"Women in the Market" presents a lively street scene illustrated with a textured style. Two figures riding bicycles are the main subjects that are captured in swift lines without delving into elaborate detail. In the background, a row of buildings creates an urban backdrop. The architectural details are roughly indicated, with windows and facades merely suggested rather than explicitly defined. The color palette is apparently limited with a dominance of ochre, blue, and red splashes, which add a vibrant contrast to the scene. The surface of the piece consists of cement texture, providing a tactile quality to the work. Overall, the art captures a moment of urban life with a personal and expressive touch, leaving much to the viewer's interpretation in terms of the specifics of time and place. The focus on the characters and their bicycles imbues the scene with a sense of everyday movement and city life vitality.