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Gary Lee Price - "Windy Days"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Windy Days
Medium: Bronze
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"For me, nothing captures childhood’s essence more than kids flying kites. We all, and especially children, yearn to fly. There’s something about the sky above. It beckons us to soar. It’s endless. To be able to put together this simple contraption, tear some cloth for a tail, tie it to a tether and watch it take off upward is nothing short of magic for kids. To feel the power of the wind through the string–and of course, then to feel the string snap and we’ve had to chase our kite down through the fields or neighborhood. This sculpture is a symbol of those simple and magical times of childhood." Gary Lee Price

"Windy Days Set" is a bronze sculpture depicting three children playing with kites. The children are in dynamic poses that capture movement and joy. The child on the left is shown running forward with a kite held high above his head. The central child is striking a playful, celebratory pose, with one arm extended upward, holding onto the kite, and a wide, delightful smile on the face. The child on the right is portrayed looking back at his kite, with one arm outstretched forward, holding onto the string of his kite. Each child is sculpted with attention to detail, with textured clothing that mimics the folds and creases expected in fabric. The sculpture is mounted on a flat horizontal base, which adds to the stability of the piece and grounds the scene. The overall impression is one of childhood innocence, the simple pleasure found in outdoor play, and the magic of flight.