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Ana Maria Botero - "Wind on the Hill"

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Artist: Ana Maria Botero
Title: Wind on the Hill
Medium: Painted Glass Sculpture
Dimensions: 15"h x 6"w

"Wind on the Hill" is a three-dimensional, hand painted glass sculpture consisting of multiple layers that create a dynamic image of a dandelion. The bloom of the dandelion is detailed, with delicate strands radiating outwards from its center, and small, seed-like extensions at the tips exemplifying the characteristic form of a dandelion's seed head. The elongated green stem of the dandelion reaches down towards the base, and a couple of seeds have been captured mid-flight as they drift away from the flower. This multidimensional aspect plays with depth and perspective, providing an impression of movement and realism. The sculpture is mounted on a rectangular wooden base which enhances the organic aesthetic and craftsmanship of the piece. The precision and layering within the glass give the dandelion a lifelike and delicate appearance, showcasing Botero's skill in manipulating the medium to convey intricate details and a sense of natural beauty.