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Constance Patterson - "WATER STRIDERS"

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Artist: Constance Patterson
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 48"h x 36"w

This piece is about the characteristic of water that allows one to see the world reflected in the light and see below the surface in shadow. The title comes from my experience as a child watching those water bugs that walk on water … what we used to call Water Striders … While mucking about at the waters edge on day, I realized that the bugs would disappear when they walked into the shadows, and instead I could see what was under the water. It was a form of magic! The memory is so strong .. and I still feel that same sense of amazement whenever I stand on a dock and peek underneath and see all that lurks down there. So one might say that this is a metaphor on the properties of water, as well as a commentary on what it means to live on the edge … bright light is part and parcel of living by the water, but the shadows reveal what is really there. Coexistence at the highest level. Those little stilt houses might be lovely and picturesque but they a treading a thin line..