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Karen Kurka Jensen - "Walkabout in Aspen_5194a"

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Artist: Karen Kurka Jensen
Title: Walkabout in Aspen_5194a
Medium: Ink and watercolor on ricepaper
Dimensions: 27"h x18"w

This beautiful painting is an abstract that employs a dynamic range of colors and textures. The composition primarily consists of rich, dark tones intermingled with bursts of yellow and reddish hues that create a sense of depth and movement. Sweeping and curving lines give the impression of organic shapes, but are rendered with a degree of ambiguity, allowing for individual interpretation. The vertical white or light grey strokes traversing the canvas give the feeling of structure, reminiscent of trees. Overall, the artwork exudes a sense of natural chaos and beauty, with a rich interplay of color and form that is characteristic of abstract expressionist art.