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Charlie Barr - "Waiting for a Friend at the Market"

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Artist: Charlie Barr
Title: Waiting for a Friend at the Market
Medium: Acrylic on cement
Dimensions: 48"h x24"w

"Waiting for a Friend at the Market" is a vertical composition with a textured, abstracted background that showcases a scene with a central figure and urban elements. The figure is sitting on a classic bicycle with slender wheels and frame. The colors used for the figure contrast with the lighter background, drawing attention to the central subject. In the background, there are suggestive outlines and colors of architectural elements. A prominent feature in the upper-right section of the artwork is a representation of the Pike Place Market sign located in Seattle, Washington. The loose style of painting provides a bustling, somewhat nostalgic atmosphere. The texture of the background contributes to the overall dynamic and layered feel of the artwork, creating a tangible sense of place and time.