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Elisabeth Ladwig - "Uncharted"

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: Uncharted
Medium: Photo Collage Print (unframed)
Dimensions: Please Select

Unframed fine art prints. Printed on museum-grade, textured fine art paper (100% rag archival). 

18"h x 12"w: Edition of 28
27"h x 18"w: Edition of 17
35" h x 23"w: Edition of 7
54"h x 36"w: Special Edition of 5

"Do you ever feel like you have no idea what you're doing in this life? Yeah, me too. The wind keeps blowing and the clock keeps ticking and no matter how much we think we know about the world, the sea remains vastly uncharted. Even though we learn to better navigate the twists and turns, we will always face an unknown future. We decide ~ in advance, of course ~ that the unknown is difficult or scary. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't. But we fall overboard and immediately think it's the be-all-end-all. I laugh when I find myself pawing blindly through situations that, once I step back and view them more objectively, really aren't that hard. 'I can't see!', exclaims the panicked child upon entering a dark room. Ok, so what would you like to do about that?" Elisabeth Ladwig

"Uncharted" is a conceptual work of art featuring a surrealist scene. It shows a woman in a flowing pink dress standing blindfolded in the center of a large bird's nest afloat on water. The nest is on the surface of a serene body of water. To her right stands a bare, vertical wooden structure with several bird feathers tied to it with string. Above her are several birds in flight, dispersed across the sky, suggesting movement and freedom. The sky behind blends into soft cloudy textures, with hues of blue and cloudy whites dominating the palette. The woman’s facial expression is serene as she holds her hands forward. The overall composition of the image creates an ethereal, dreamlike atmosphere, evoking themes of nature, serenity, and facing the unknown.