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Elisabeth Ladwig - "Truce"

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: Truce
Medium: Photo Collage on Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: 27"h x 18"w

Limited edition of 17; piece is framed and ready to hang. Also available unframed. Limited editions available in 3 other sizes. 

We live among black bear in our area. Our yard is a regular route from one water source to another, with the occasional stop at our pear tree in late Summer. This image is called "Truce" for a couple of reasons: 1. bears can be a heated topic of local debate (some support education and legislation as a means of peaceful coexistence; others move to extend the hunting season); and 2. if coexistence is to ultimately prevail, there must be a mutual respect and understanding between human and bear. For example, never ever feed them.