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Carolee Clark - "Treasure Hunt"

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Artist: Carolee Clark
Title: Treasure Hunt
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 22"h x 28"w

"Treasure Hunt" is a vibrant painting that portrays an urban scene. Carolee Clark has used bold colors and strong geometric shapes to depict buildings, creating a sense of architectural abstraction. The composition focuses on several multi-story structures with varied rooflines and window formations, presented in a slightly skewed perspective that contributes to a dynamic and somewhat playful depiction of the urban landscape. In the foreground, there's a tree with a round canopy painted in shades of green, which adds a touch of organic form and nature to contrast with the angular man-made environment. Overall, the painting conveys a sense of rhythm and energy through its use of fragmented forms, lines, and a vivid, contrasting color palette.