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Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch - "The Sound in the Night"

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Artist: Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Title: The Sound in the Night
Medium: Encaustic
Dimensions: 8"h x 6"w

"The Sound in the Night" is an abstract composition predominantly featuring horizontal divisions. The top section of the piece is a band of beige. Within this beige band, there are three circles lined up across the width. Beneath the beige band is a broader section of blue with textural variations showcasing depth and dimension. The bottom section of the canvas is a darker shade, providing a grounding effect to the composition. This section, while similar in texture to the ones above, distinguishes itself by its darker tone, balancing the overall aesthetic of the piece. The transitions between the colored sections are sharp, and maintain clear separation, giving the piece an organized, layered structure. The artwork combines these elements to evoke an introspective visual experience.