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J. Scott Nicol - "The Old Man Comes Alive"

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Artist: J. Scott Nicol
Title: The Old Man Comes Alive
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 30"h x 30"w

"The Old Man Comes Alive" shows a hyper-realistic painting of Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea with a three-dimensional scene emerging from its cover. A large marlin is leaping out from the pages, and below it, a small boat with an elderly fisherman is depicted in the water. The fisherman holds a spear up to the fish. The water exhibits a sense of movement, giving life to the scene. The buildings behind the fisherman are rendered in a warm, earthen palette, evoking a coastal town. The entire composition creatively blurs the line between two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork, bringing elements of the story to life in a very literal sense.