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Melanie Ferguson Art - "The Ocean is Blue"

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Artist: Melanie Ferguson Art
Title: The Ocean is Blue
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: 30"h x 15"w

The Ocean is Blue is an original abstract contemporary painting presented on a gallery wrapped canvas. There are 10+ layers of acrylic paint, found paper, chalk pastel, texture medium, graphite. The painting is framed in a walnut frame, wired & ready to hang. Each painting has a clear gloss UV protective finish coat.

"The Ocean is Blue" is an abstract painting with a vertical orientation. It predominantly features cool tones such as blues, teals, and touches of green, creating a soothing aqueous atmosphere. The texture appears varied, with areas that suggest complex layering to add depth. The composition consists of a complex interplay of color patches, brush strokes, and intentional smudging, interspersed with more defined shapes and lines. There is a subtle luminosity within certain sections of the canvas, where lighter hues emerge against the darker background, showcasing a play of light and shadow. While the painting does not clearly depict a specific scene or subject, its abstraction allows viewers to interpret the imagery personally, potentially evoking feelings of tranquility, contemplation, or the natural interplay between water and light.