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Elisabeth Ladwig - "The Chakras"

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Artist: Elisabeth Ladwig
Title: The Chakras
Medium: Photography on textured fine art paper
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Printed on museum-grade, textured fine art paper (100% rag archival). Unframed fine art prints. 

18"h x 12"w: Edition of 28
27"h x 18"w: Edition of 17
35" h x 23"w: Edition of 7

"This was one of my first images, and the first time I had ever attempted to photograph stars. I gasped when the long exposure shot appeared on my camera screen: there were so many more stars than could be seen with the naked eye! Sometimes life’s curve balls cloud our thoughts and vision. In the fog, we perceive this as having been thrown out of alignment, but this is really an opportunity. This is our chance to turn all the little lights back on, to learn exactly where and what those lights are. This is our time to proceed with clarity and purpose. This is our moment to have faith in the things we cannot always see. Like the stars." Elisabeth Ladwig

"The Chakras" presents a fantastical scene set against a star-studded night sky. A sequence of six bright, circular celestial bodies are aligned vertically down the center of the image. In the foreground sits a female figure on a cloud. The dress worn by the figure is flowing and embellished with a sparkling, intricate design, blending the figure with the ethereal backdrop. The image conveys a sense of wonder, inviting the viewer into a dream-like narrative.