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Stephen Hansen - "Abraham Lincoln (G.H. Story)"

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Artist: Stephen Hansen
Title: Abraham Lincoln (G.H. Story)
Medium: Acrylic/Paper Mache'
Dimensions: 22"h x 18"w

"Abraham Lincoln (G.H. Story)" features a creative juxtaposition, which seems to play with dimensions and perspectives. On the first layer, there is a realistic and classical portrait of Abraham Lincoln in a dark suit, a white shirt, and a black bow tie. Overlaying this portrait is a three-dimensional installation: a seemingly miniature painter standing on a scaffolding platform, held in place by wires extending beyond the top edge of the portrait. The painter, who is dressed in a white suit splattered with numerous colorful paint marks, appears to be in the process of adding the final touches to the bow tie of the figure in the portrait using a large brush, as if he were the creator of the portrait himself—a playful nod to the process of creating art. He holds an American five dollar bill, whimsically using it as a reference for his painting. Next to the painter is a silver paint can, further emphasizing the painter's craft. The mixing of a traditional portrait with a modern miniature figure presents a playful interaction between art and artists.