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Melanie Ferguson Art - "Spring in the Country"

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Artist: Melanie Ferguson Art
Title: Spring in the Country
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: 10"h x 20"w

Acrylic, mixed media, permanent alcohol ink on canvas

"I love the magic of permanent alcohol inks, and created this painting from the colors that mixed. Plus I added texture medium, pit pens to create the landscape. I just went where the painting took me."

"Spring in the Country" is an abstract landscape painting utilizing a blend of various colors and textures. The top portion of the painting presents a somewhat ethereal sky with streaks of purple, blue, and hints of pink, showcasing an atmospheric effect. Below this, a row of green forms stretches across the painting, representing a simplified, stylized group of foliage. The bottom-most layer is more grounded, and has darker patches mixed with lighter tones, giving a sense of depth and texture to the landscape. Overall, the painting conveys a sense of a tranquil, natural setting, rendered in a way that prioritizes emotional and sensory interpretation over realistic representation.