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Melinda Fellini - "Spilling Her Secrets"

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Artist: Melinda Fellini
Title: Spilling Her Secrets
Medium: Encaustic
Dimensions: 24"h x15"w

"Spilling Her Secrets" depicts an abstract encaustic, split into distinct horizontal bands that suggest. The top portion of the canvas is dominated by warm hues of orange, red, and yellow, evoking the glow of the sky. The bands below transition through a series of colors with layers of blue, green, white and deep red. Some portions of this area incorporate speckles and smeared effects, adding texture and depth to the piece. The overall impression is one of vibrant, rich-color captured in an expressive and non-representational style. The bottom section is darker, dominated by shades of purple and dark red. The transitions between the colors are soft, creating a dreamlike quality and allowing emotions and personal interpretations to drive the viewer's experience of the art.