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Artist: Sophie Brouillet
Title: Pieces of Me
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 36"h x 30"w

"Pieces of Me" features a bison as its central figure. The bison's head and upper body are depicted in a realistic and detailed manner, with visible tufts of fur and a pronounced horn curving upwards. The bison's gaze is directed towards the viewer, giving the animal a sense of presence and immediacy. Sophie Brouillet has employed a dynamic and expressive painting style, using textured brushstrokes and a rich palette that includes shades of brown, black, and white for the bison. These naturalistic tones of the animal contrast with the background, which is composed of bold, abstract patches of red, off-white, and other colors including touches of blue and pale yellow near the lower part of the artwork. The painting seems to balance representational and abstract elements, as the detailed rendering of the bison’s face contrasts with the looser, more gestural background. The composition emphasizes the powerful and majestic essence of the creature, capturing both its physical character and a sense of its natural environment through abstract suggestion.