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Artist: Sophie Brouillet
Title: My Shadow and I
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 40"h x 30"w

"My Shadow and I" is an expressive painting featuring the head of a horse. The horse is realistically rendered, with significant attention to detail evident in the texture of its coat and the reflection in its kind eye. It has a dark brown coat and its mane falls naturally along the side of its neck. The background consists of abstract elements; bold blue and white strokes create a sense of sky, and there's an area with what looks like a splash of vibrant yellow and red. An area in the foreground is painted in a muted olive green, fading into a patchy white space that the horse seems to emerge from. Light blue paint strokes move across the horse’s muzzle, adding a dynamic, contemporary twist to the otherwise realistic depiction. The painting evokes a feeling of calmness and introspection, with the horse's gaze directed towards something outside of the canvas's view.