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Artist: Sophie Brouillet
Title: Just a Buffalo
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 30"h x 30"w

"Just a Buffalo" is an acrylic painting with a semi-abstract style, featuring a bison as its focal point. The creature is presented with visible brushstrokes and a rich texture that gives a sense of volume and movement. Painted with various shades of dark brown and hints of black, the bison looks directly at the view. Meanwhile, its horn is rendered with lighter, almost white tones, standing out against the darker hues of its fur. Patches of vibrant yellow near the bison's head add a dynamic contrast to the earthy color palette. The background and remaining parts of the canvas are comprised of a mix of abstract forms and color blocks. It combines neutral whites, grays, and deep blues, juxtaposed with areas of brown that seem to echo the bison's natural coloring. The blending of realistic depiction with abstract painting methods creates a tension and movement that enlivens the piece and invites contemplation.