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Richard C. Harrington - "Solstice"

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Artist: Richard C. Harrington
Title: Solstice
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 34"h x 24"w

"Solstice" is dominated by a deep and vibrant blue color palette, the painting illustrates an abstract representation of a barn. The roof casts a shadow in a darker shade of blue, almost black, and encloses a lighter blue space, giving an impression of depth. The walls are also rendered in varying shades of blue, creating a monochromatic harmony throughout the piece. The texture of the painting is slightly mottled, showcasing the capabilities of oil paint, and the application of the paint seems thick, with visible brush strokes or texture adding to the tactile quality of the surface. The monochromatic scheme and play of light and dark shades produce a contemplative and serene atmosphere, inviting the viewer to interpret the space beyond the barn.