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Yvonne Gaudet - "Snowyball"

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Artist: Yvonne Gaudet
Title: Snowyball
Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
Dimensions: 24"h x 24"w

DOER of GOoD - Rabbit. "Healthy Eating Coach".  Acrylic & Collage.  Painted edges coordinate with the piece; no framing needed.  Wired and ready to hang.  ARTIST'S NOTES:  Being a rabbit, Snowyball is something of an authority on eating healthy.  Ever since she was just a bunny, she loved munching on fresh vegetables -- whenever and wherever they were available!  Realizing how good nutrition contributes not only to good health, but also a happy disposition, Snowyball decided it was her mission to share that knowledge with others.  She knows the world will be a better, happier place if ill health can be diminished by healthy eating.