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Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo - "Serenity"

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Artist: Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo
Title: Serenity
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 18"h x 8"w

"This sculpture shows a serene figure deep in contemplation. I imagine her looking out over a beautiful vista and taking in every detail of it. I remember the feelings that I have just soaking it in and gaining strength from it." Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

"Serenity" showcases a bronze sculpture of a female figure. The sculpture rests on a circular base and depicts the woman in a standing pose with one leg slightly forward. Her right hand touches the hem of her dress, while her left arm hangs relaxed at her side. The sculpture is characterized by smooth, fluid lines, and a sense of movement is conveyed through the positioning of the limbs and the turn of the torso. The figure's dress clings and drapes around her body, showcases lightness and fluidity in the material. The surface of the sculpture has varying patina, giving it a rich, textured appearance with reflective qualities that highlight the contours of the figure's form. The woman's facial features are well defined with a sense of calmness. Her hair is styled up, and she seems to be looking to her side with a soft smile, contributing to the overall graceful and poised demeanor of the figure. The elegance and femininity of the sculpture are further emphasized by the elongated proportions and gentle curves of the figure.