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Stephen Hansen - "Road with Cypress and Star (Van Gogh)"

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Artist: Stephen Hansen
Title: Road with Cypress and Star (Van Gogh)
Medium: Acrylic/Paper Mache'
Dimensions: 27"h x 21"w

"Road with Cypress and Star (Van Gogh)" is a creative three-dimensional interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting." The painting has been partially transformed into a scene where the painting is being 'created' by a person in the process of painting. The bottom section shows a pastoral landscape with two individuals walking, while the upper part of the image captures the iconic swirling night sky. The person who appears to be painting the sky is standing on a wooden ladder, reaching out towards the swirling patterns of the night sky. Their clothing is painted with splotches in various colors. The ladder, the painter's bucket, and the scaffolding holding the paint and brush are all tangible objects that extend out from the canvas, providing a sense of depth and blurring the lines between the painting and reality. This mixed media piece plays with perspective and dimension, offering a whimsical and meta take on the act of painting and the creation of art.