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Richard C. Harrington - "Shadow of the Treeline"

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Artist: Richard C. Harrington
Title: Shadow of the Treeline
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 40"h x 30"w

"Shadow of the Treeline" features a barn, depicted in a style that emphasizes geometric shapes and bold colors. The barn is predominantly orange-red in color, with its form simplified into various angular sections. Part of the structure has a very steep, dark roof, which contrasts with the bright walls. The facade of the building has several square windows coated in the same reddish-orange hue but set in darker tones to distinguish them. The background, representing the sky, is rendered in a deep, vibrant blue, which gradients to lighter shades toward the bottom of the artwork. Below the structure, a darker blue area showcases the presence of the ground, creating a base for the barn. The painting technique features visible textures and brushstrokes, imbuing the work with a dynamic, energetic quality. The contrast between the warmth of the building and the coolness of the background color is quite striking and infuses the composition with a sense of light and shadow.