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Judith Monroe - "Restoration"

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Artist: Judith Monroe
Title: Restoration
Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
Dimensions: 10"h x 10"w

"Restoration" showcases a stylized botanical theme. At its center is a singular, pale yellow flower with prominent dark speckles near its core, giving it a dash of contrast and visual interest. This delicate bloom tilts gracefully to one side and is attached to a slender stem with two sleek, elongated leaves that balance the composition. Surrounding the central floral motif is a soft, pastel-hued background with subtle texture that convey an impression of vintage charm. The edges of the artwork contain ornamental elements like leaves and berries, contributing to the piece's overall organic aesthetics. These decorations are arrayed in a manner that suggests they are encroaching upon the central image from the borders, creating a frame-like effect. In the top left corner, there's an additional whimsical detail: a depiction of a red ladybug with black spots, which adds an element of playfulness to the composition. The ladybug contrasts sharply with the pale and soft tones of the main image, drawing the viewer's eye to its bright color and form. The piece captures an essence of nature's elegance through its gentle color palette and the careful arrangement of its botanical subject matter, creating an artwork that is both tranquil and charming.