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Gary Lee Price - "Puffed Up Princess"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Puffed Up Princess 
Medium: Bronze
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"Much of my work is characterized by figures of children enraptured in the joys of childhood. Every once in a while it’s a fun challenge to ‘break the mold’, so to speak, on traditional figure sculpture and create a piece of pure whimsy. A few years ago I created such a piece titled 'Puffed Up Prince' : a spherical frog, boasting a regal crown, to delight you and your guests. He always seemed to be a bit lonely, so I decided to create for him a companion to share his love and his life with, and to bring happiness and joy to your life as well. My Puffed Up Princess is adorned with a royal crown, lavish rings, bracelets, and earrings, and boasts the most beautiful set of ‘frog lips’ you will ever see. Alone, or with her Prince, she brings a touch of royal opulence to her surroundings. I offer you my enchantress, the Puffed Up Princess, for your home and garden and for your absolute enjoyment." Gary Lee Price

"Puffed Up Princess" is a three-dimensional sculpture of a large frog. The frog is adorned with a golden tiara that features blue and red gemstones. Its skin is textured with shades of green and grey, and it has several raised, wart-like bumps across its back and sides. The frog's front limbs are proportionally thick and end in fingers adorned with golden rings. The frog is in a seated position, and the overall posture suggests a relaxed, regal demeanor. The combination of realism in the frog's anatomy with the fantastical elements make this piece playful and intriguing.