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Lucy Dickens - "Paradise Found"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Paradise Found
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 24"h x 36"w

"After hiking eight miles down to Havasupai Village and spending the night, we then set off early on the trail exploring multiple waterfalls. In order to get to the last one, Beaver Falls, we passed the popular Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls. Many stop here as you have a very aggressive climb down to the bottom of Mooney Falls to continue on. Beaver Falls is a twelve mile round trip hike from the village where we stayed.

Following the winding trail along Havasu Creek we came to a few water crossings along the way. There is only a small window of time when the sun shines on Beaver falls. We timed our hike for this and arrived just as the stunning sun rays reached out and caressed the falls, as the sparkling water danced over the rocks! As many don’t hike that far, we were able to experience quieter moments with spectacular scenery, along with relaxing in the travertine pools. The gorgeous blue green water was quite chilly though in November! Paradise found indeed, I’m so happy we adventured all the way to the end!" Lucy Dickens"

"Paradise Found" is a painting of a natural landscape featuring a waterfall cascading down a series of rocky ledges. A throng of trees with fresh green foliage anchors the left side of the composition, contrasting against the reddish-brown rugged cliffs that fill the background and right-hand side of the scene. Sunlight filters through, touching the trees and rock surfaces, giving the setting a warm, luminescent quality. The water flows energetically into a serene blue pool at the bottom. The painting captures a sense of serene wilderness, with attention to the texture and interplay of light and shadow.