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Guilloume - "Our Secret"

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Artist: Guilloume
Title: Our Secret
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 18"h x10"w

My wife and I belong to a “love circle.” Our “love circle” is comprised of a group of couples that have remained in touch after attending a marriage encounter retreat some years ago. During one of our recent get-togethers, a couple asked my wife and me to share our secret to maintaining a happy marriage for over 33 years. I responded by speaking about a particular goal my wife and I share. One of the things that has remained constant in our relationship over the years is our mutual desire to continually improve our communication, to be better partners to each other, and to support one another in what we do. This requires a good deal of humility and mutual respect. I created this sculpture as an homage to the beautiful secret we continue to celebrate. The poncho draped between the figures covers the couple’s touching shoulders. This symbolizes the desire for love and growth that both individuals must share. On their opposite sides, each person has an uncovered shoulder which represents the importance of maintaining our own space and individuality. So, in summation, the thing that makes our marriage a lasting success is our deep desire and willingness to love and grow together to our fullest capacity. For us marriage is a lifetime commitment and we choose to embrace and honor our union for it makes us better and stronger in our conscious intent to love and live to our fullest potential. --Guilloume