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Guilloume - "Our Family"

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Artist: Guilloume
Title: Our Family
Medium: Bronze Relief on Aluminum
Dimensions: 24"h x 24"w

My eldest son, Johann Sebastian, and I have a standing joke about this particular sculpture. I created all of the characters in "Our Family" approximately the same height--save for one figure which is a bit shorter. Since Johann Sebastian is the shortest of my three sons, despite my repeated efforts to clarify the matter and explain that the short figure is actually ME, he remained unconviced and sure in his mind that the figure was intended to represent HIM--until we had a man-to-man talk one day while shopping. On this particular Saturday afternoon, the subject of "Our Family," came up yet one more time and once again I pointed out that the short figure was intended to be me. Instead of engaging him in confrontation, I took advantage of the opportunity to address the larger issue, his sensitivity about his height. I pointed out a man--clearly well over six feet tall--who was walking through the mall. "You see that fellow? He's the tallest person in sight, but that says nothing about his character or who he really is," I explained. "What truly makes a person 'big' is his or her integrity, generosity, and kindness. So long as we're not on a basketball court, it's what's inside a person that counts the most." I continued, "Another thing that makes a person 'big' is her or his ability to lead others. And the greatest leaders I have known are the ones who lead by example and those who choose to offer service to their fellow man." The Bible says, "Whoever wishes to be great among you, shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you, shall be your slave." I have always been a proponent of leadership from behind and I have strived to employ that approach as the leader of my family. It takes a truly 'big' man to avoid the ego trap of self-aggrandizement and instead choose service to friends, community and family. Since that day, Johann Sebastian has never brought up the subject of the sculpture or expressed dismay about his stature. Speaking for myself, in many ways, I see him as the "tallest" of my boys. --Guilloume