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Constance Patterson - "Old Cape Roses"

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Artist: Constance Patterson
Title: Old Cape Roses
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 16"h x 20"w

This image is an ode to the vanishing Cape Cod landscape that is at risk from the manicured, pristine, trim and tidy neighborhoods that are eradicating the rough and tough spaces that have evolved over centuries of conflict between the forces of land and sea. The old tough roses that bind up the weathered fence are in many cases the last bastion of defense against erosion. and yet these neglected patches that once covered large swaths of the Cape, are slowly being trimmed away by more suburban plantings. This particular site, is at the edge of an abandoned warehouse, next to an old jetty, with a crumbling parking lot. It was a perfect spot to spend an afternoon making notes and sketches and observing the calm, quiet of an old way of life.