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Guilloume - "Nothing Between Us"

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Artist: Guilloume
Title: Nothing Between Us
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 20"h x 9"w

In 2012 I celebrated the second anniversary of my second marriage to the same woman. Please, do not misunderstand. We never separated or divorced. In 2010, we simply decided to have a second wedding celebration to reaffirm our love and honor our many happy years together. People sometimes ask us for our secret recipe for maintaining an enduring and loving bond. We tell them that a successful relationship requires liberal amounts of respect, understanding and good communication. And a dash of humor and patience never hurts either. Obstacles such as work, social obligations, and family responsibilities will always present themselves, but with good communication (expressing one’s feeling and listening well) and understanding and respect for one another, these obstacles fall by the wayside and don’t stand a chance of ruining the recipe. --Guilloume