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Lucy Dickens - "Monsoon"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Monsoon
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 15"h x 30"w

"As I write this Monsoon season is in full swing. For those of you in the desert Southwest, have you been watching the skies lately? I love experiencing the afternoon storms rolling in and the thunderheads building. Nowhere on earth are there sunsets like those in Arizona and during Monsoon season they are especially intense as the fiery light ignites the building storm clouds. Then comes the rain, cooling the hot desert floor, nourishing the life found within. Have you smelled the desert after the rains? There is a delicious smell only found here, that of the Creosote plants that fills the air released by the rains. Such a delight to the senses these storms are; vibrant to the eye, electrifying to the ear and delighting your sense of smell all at once making me want to dance in the rain!" Lucy Dickens