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Stephen Hansen - "Mobile c. 1932 (Calder)"

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Artist: Stephen Hansen
Title: Mobile c. 1932 (Calder)
Medium: Paper Mache/Mixed Media
Dimensions: 22"h x 25"w

"Mobile c. 1932 (Calder)" depicts a mobile sculpture, which is a type of kinetic art piece hanging in the air, balanced and free-moving. The art itself parodies the original mobile created under the same name. The artwork consists of a series of connected curved and straight metallic rods that allow each section to rotate or sway independently. Towards the left, a figure seated on a swing-like structure – a stylized human character dressed in a patterned outfit, paints the finishing touches on the piece. Also hanging are several geometric shapes: a black sphere, a white sphere, as well as a smaller solid yellow sphere. The design of the mobile creates a sense of whimsy and lightness, as the objects appear to float effortlessly around the central figure. The arrangement of colors and shapes is visually appealing, offering a form of abstract decoration that could change with the slightest air current, creating a dynamic interaction with the surrounding space.