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Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo - "M'Lady's Slipper"

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Artist: Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo
Title: M'Lady's Slipper
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 10"h x 14"w

"Inspired by the Lady's Slipper Orchid Tradition states that the invitation from the wild Lady's Slipper Orchid is one of "win me, capricious beauty." I love the whimsical, playful blossom with its spiral leaves. They represent a rare and unconventional beauty." Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

"M'Lady's Slipper" is a sculpture portraying an abstract female figure resembling the Lady's Slipper Orchid. The figure is sitting with one leg in front of the other, creating a dynamic sense of poise. The figure’s torso and thighs are depicted with smooth, rounded surfaces and a golden sheen, while the arms and face are more subdued in tone, merging with the overall bronze color of the piece. The sculpture's most striking feature is the extended, ribbon-like arms that add a sense of fluidity and grace. The arms are finished with a reddish patina, contrasting with the golden body. The sense of movement and the abstract nature suggest themes of whimsicality and beauty.