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Richard C. Harrington - "Mid-Morning Shadows"

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Artist: Richard C. Harrington
Title: Mid-Morning Shadows
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 48"h x 66"w

"Mid-Morning Shadows" portrays a stylized structure of a barn composed of various geometric shapes. The most prominent feature of the building is its angular, pitched roof, accented by planes of red and shades of orange brown, casting a bold shadow to the right. The color palette consists of warm earth tones set against a yellow-green field; this field adds a natural contrast to the dominating silhouette of the structure. Overhead, the sky is rendered with an optimistic gradient of blues, yellows, and subtle hints of pink or purple, reminiscent of dawn. The style is somewhat abstract, straddling the line between representational and abstract art, as it simplifies the forms and emphasizes the interplay of color and light.