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Michael Swearngin - "Raven Lunatic II - 1679"

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Artist: Michael Swearngin
Title: Raven Lunatic II - 1679
Medium: Acrylic /Mixed Media
Dimensions: 12"h x 12"w

"Raven Lunatic II" is a painting that features a crow in mid-flight. The crow is painted in shades of black and gray, with its wings spread wide and one visible leg pulled close to its body. The bird is offset to the left in the composition, allowing a clear view of its feather details and beak. The background of the painting is a flat, solid blue color, which creates a striking contrast with the dark figure of the crow. The boundaries of the blue background are framed with a border that displays the natural color and texture of the canvas. The strong contrast between the border, sky, and crow create a depth to the overall visual experience.