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Michael Swearngin - "My Father's Mule - 1731"

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Artist: Michael Swearngin
Title: My Father's Mule - 1731
Medium: Acrylic /Mixed Media
Dimensions: 36"h x 36"w

"My Father's Mule - 1731" features two animals, a standing donkey and a lying cow, painted in a stylized manner. The donkey is depicted in dark blue tones against a creamy white background, with its head slightly tilted looking towards the viewer. The cow is also in dark blue and is shown lying down with its head turned towards the bottom right corner of the canvas. Behind the donkey, there’s a gold-colored square shape, and the background includes small blue shapes scattered throughout. The use of color and minimal detail focuses attention on the forms and presence of the animals. The painting has a modern, simplified aesthetic with the figures distinctly outlined against the light background.