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Maura Allen - "Spring Training"

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Artist: Maura Allen
Title: Spring Training
Medium: Acrylic /Mixed Media
Dimensions: 6"h x 8"w

"Spring Training" is an abstract artwork with a vibrant and textural composition. On the left side, there's a section with a warm color palette featuring reds, oranges, and yellows, embellished with patterns. This area is marked by repetitious shapes such as circles and undulating patterns, creating a sense of rhythm and depth. In contrast, the right section of the artwork shifts to a cooler color scheme dominated by blue and black. This area features what appears to be a silhouetted cowboy, created through the use of negative space. The juxtaposition of the warm and cool colors, as well as the interplay between the geometric and organic forms, give the piece a sense of balance and tension. The artwork exudes an expressive and spontaneous energy.