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Maura Allen - "River Run: Fall"

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Artist: Maura Allen
Title: River Run: Fall
Medium: Acrylic /Mixed Media
Dimensions: 18"h x 18"w

"River Run: Fall" is a mixed-media piece that features the dynamic image of a cowboy riding a horse. The cowboy is leaning back slightly, one hand gripping a rein, and the other raised above his head, a moment of dynamic roping caught in action. The horse is in mid-motion, captured with its head turned to the side, as if bracing against the cowboy’s guidance or control. The composition utilizes a limited yet impactful color palette, primarily consisting of sepia-tone browns, creamy whites, and black, with the addition of accents in the form of dotted patterns to the right side, creating a sense of energy and movement. This polka-dot pattern provides a modern contrast to the otherwise rustic and historical subject matter. Maura Allen used printing techniques to create the highly textured and abstracted portrayal of the cowboy and horse, superimposed against a background that itself is layered and weathered. There are textural elements, scrapes, and what could be arbitrary markings or intentional abstract shapes, that add depth and character to the piece. Overall, the artwork has a raw and expressive quality and a collage-like aesthetic that gives it a contemporary edge, while the subject matter pays homage to a more traditional, Americana theme.