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Maura Allen - "Legendary West"

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Artist: Maura Allen
Title: Legendary West
Medium: Acrylic /Mixed Media
Dimensions: 24"h x 24"w

"Legendary West" features a bold, graphic style with a mix of colors and silhouettes. On the left, there's a large, stylized imagery of a vintage western doll with a cowboy hat and a wide, friendly smile, rendered in shades of blue on a textured orange and yellow background with faded texts and designs that give it a distressed look. To the right, there's another image, this one orange, set against a backdrop of contrasting yellow tones with similar text. Below and overlapping the blue silhouette is the black profile of a horse and rider, with the horse's head dominating the lower left corner. The rider, in traditional cowboy garb and hat, is showcasing her dynamic roping skills. The background is a patchwork of orange, yellow, and cream segments adorned with additional text and designs in a coherent style with a focus on Western culture. The entire piece carries a pop art influence with its strong contrasts, saturation, and overlaid text elements that enhance the Western narrative vibe of the artwork.